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Need a Little Extra Boost With Your Workouts?

We have vitamins on sale currently! 3 for $39 will get you the whole set of Whole Food Based vitamins.  It’s very important to give your body extra vitamins and minerals, especially when you are focused on fitness.  Not only will they give you more energy, but they will replenish what you are losing due to exertion at the gym.  Vitamins are foundational to any good fitness and nutrition program.  Our vitamins are quality at wholesale prices!

Here is how they work.  We have three different complexes, a Multi, a Multi Energy, and a Fat Burner.  You would take the Multi and the Fat Burner together on one week, then on alternating weeks take just the Multi Energy.  It keeps your body nourished, but also ensures that your regimen isn’t exactly the same week to week…which is a good way to be!  Keep that body guessing!  🙂

Life’s Vitality (Multi):  This whole food complex has all of the vitamins and minerals you need  and works wonders with a healthy diet and exercise routine!  It will give you plenty of energy without any stimulants whatsoever.  In addition to a pretty comprehensive vitamin complex, it also contains a fruit complex (oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines, and limes) that compliments energy and fat burning.  In addition, it’s vegetable complex (Green leafy veggies, carrots, yams, and more) binds to toxins and carries them out of your body…in addition to providing much needed energy and oxygen to your starving cells.  This Multi packs even a bigger punch, with a digestive enzyme complex also….as we tend to be deficient in enzymes due to our Western diet.

Super Energy (Energy Multi):  This complex, taken opposite weeks of the Life’s Vitality, kicks up your energy a notch.  This is a good complex for your Strength Weeks (heavier weight, less cardio).

Fat Burner:  Take this complex with the Life’s Vitality on your Endurance Weeks (More cardio, lighter weights with more reps).  The extra blood sugar regulating complex keeps your food from turning into fat!!  And, it kicks up your metabolism for extra burn.  Includes LCarnitine, Chromium, GLA, and CLA, along with extra vitamins to complement the fat burning process.

Our Strength and Endurance philosophy:  Many of you have no doubt seen the Strength and Endurance banners up at the gym.  This philosophy is an easy way to keep your workouts from being stale, by switching up your routine every other week.  On Endurance weeks…do at least three cardio workouts.  For weight workouts, use lighter weights and do more repetitions of each.  Do at least two weight workouts on Endurance week.    Take the Life’s Vitality and the Fat Burner on these weeks.

On Strength week, do at least three weight workouts.  Use heavier weights and do less repetitions.  Do at least two cardio workouts.   Take the Energy Multi complex this week.

You can purchase the vitamin regimen over the counter at FitnessFAST during staffed hours (usually when classes are running).

To Your Health,

Tracie Cunningham, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist

Tabata = Sweat

We gave Tabata a try this morning in our boot camp class! Our boot camp formula has always been about interval training for max burn anyway, so Tabata kind of fit. I am really liking the change! I feel like I did more in our quick 30 minute session, and I think that we produced more sweat overall!

Tabata is training with short bursts of maximum output followed by very short rest intervals. Each ‘Tabata’ (or set) has a few high burst exercise sets followed by core work. Its a pretty good time! So…those of you who have been a bit apprehensive about coming to boot camp with its scary name….you really should give this class a go. You might get addicted! :). And it’s not scary at all!

Strength and Endurance weeks…what’s it about?

No doubt if you’ve been in the gym recently you’ve seen some new information.  We are now trying out a new vibe, and we hope you like it.  When you see the RED banners, it means it’s Strength Week.  On Strength Week, you can strive to do three strength workouts and two cardio workouts.  These workouts can be whatever you want.  On Endurance Week, strive to do three cardio workouts and two strength workouts.  Basically, it’s just a way to keep us all switched up from week to week so that our workouts don’t get stale.  And, it’s nothing specific, so do whatever strength and endurance (cardio) workouts that you like for your level of fitness.

For instance, some people love to do the weight circuit, for their Strength workout, while others really like free weights or our Bodysculpt fitness class.  Boot Camp can also be considered a strength class, and so can Yoga.

For Endurance (cardio), some people really dig our Zumba or Bokwa classes, and some like to run or walk on the treadmills or use the ellipticals or AMT on the gym side.

Basically, it’s up to you…what you want to do is as individual as you are…we want to make sure you have a new focus and a great program…every week!  So, your reminders will be up on the wall…and you can refocus your energy for Strength or Endurance for that week.

Strength week mantra to take with you:  “I am strong”

Endurance week mantra to take with you:  “I will endure”

It’s up to you whether or not you want to participate in our new vibe…we hope that you like it and that it keeps your workouts fresh from week to week.  If you need some advice or are just getting started, see Steve during new member hours and he can answer all of your questions and get you started on the right path.

Diet recommendations:  During strength week, as a rule eat a bit more protein since your focus this week is on building lean muscle.  We also carry a fantastic vitamin energizer for Strength Week that will keep you at the top of your game.

During Endurance Week, try and cut down your carbohydrates, the sugar, breads, and potatoes.  Eat mostly lean meats and lots of beautiful vegetables.  We carry a very comprehensive multi vitamin and fat burner that work well during Endurance Week.

The most important thing…have fun and be consistent!  You are strong, you will endure, and you will reach your fitness goals!  See you in the gym  🙂


Tracie and Steve

Fitness Is Easy At Fitness Fast Gym!

Work out until January for just $29 when you become a VIP member! :). See us for details.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday everyone. FitnessFAST will be open to members 24/7 during the holiday of course. Fitness classes and new member tours and signups will resume on Saturday. See you soon! 🙂

You will feel welcome when you come into our place. Fitness Fast is a neighborhood gym that is for everyone, beginners to experts. We are just like you, and you will like the laid back atmosphere of our gym. The facility is top notch, and so are the fitness classes! Come in and take a look. You get unlimited 24 Hour gym access and fitness classes for the low price of $24.95 a month! Experience more fitness for less at our gym! We are located near the corner of 25th and Capehart Road in Bellevue Nebraska, near Offutt Air Force Base. 2403 Towne Centre Drive, Bellevue NE 68123. BOKWA is coming to Nebraska…exclusively at FitnessFAST!

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fitness-gym-bellevue-nebraskaMEMBERS GET 24 HOUR ACCESS!




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Ellipticals * Treadmills Adaptive Motion Trainers Recumbant Bikes Circuit Weights Free Weights!

Zumba Bokwa Bodyscuplt Yoga/Pilates RIPPED Boot Camp!


Fitness Fast 24 Hour Gym in Bellevue Nebraska

We make fitness fun, with a wide variety of equipment, a very welcoming workout atmosphere, and a friendly staff right on Capehart Road in Bellevue! We have the best gym equipment from Precor, including treadmills, ellipticals, adaptive motion trainers, and bikes. And, we also have very comprehensive weight circuits and a great free weight area. And, you get access 24 hours a day, so our gym fits into your schedule!

gym in bellevue ne, fitness in bellevue ne, gyms in bellevue ne, bellevue ne gym, bellevue ne fitnessWE JUST GOT VOTED READERS RECOMMEND BY THE BEST OF THE BIG O FOR YOGA/PILATES STUDIO! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED…WE ARE SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE YOU! Our fitness classes are fun and functional, and you will burn a lot of calories in these classes! Zumba and Zumba toning are very fun international dance inspired classes with fun, energetic teachers. Our yoga/pilates class is the best you will find in the metro, and you will really see your fitness levels increase fast! The fat will melt off. We also offer Boot Camp, which is a morning class that only takes 30 minutes. This Boot Camp is just the right amount of time, and it’s an incredible workout that will stimulate your lymphatic system to release toxins while also increasing your heart rate and burning fat! You can come and try out these classes for just $4 each! It’s an unbelievable value. FIRST TIME IN? TRY A FREE CLASS!


Members of FitnessFAST only pay $24.95 a month, for 24 hour gym access, and ALL classes are FREE with your membership! Fitness can be found at FitnessFAST! Stop by and see us, you will be glad you did!

Bellevue Nebraska Fitness Fast Gym

A 24 hour gym located at the corner of 25th and Capehart in Bellevue.

Let FitnessFAST Help You Reach Your Goals

Ah….we are in the lazy days of summer, officially! We don’t know what’s so lazy about it, really. It’s swimsuit season! And, you want to have enough energy to keep up with your kids or go out on the weekends. FitnessFAST has you covered, because pursuing fitness manufactures energy, which helps you move through everyday life that much easier. Working out at the gym also decreases depression, anxiety, and body fat. We love all those things about the gym. Fitness is easy with our hi-tech equipment from Precor. We have the best Cardio equipment, Circuit Weights, and Free Weights, available for members 24 hours a day, even on holidays. If you need to get to the gym, scheduling is no longer a worry for you, we have you covered. If you are into the social atmosphere of Fitness Classes, we have a full schedule of the hottest fitness classes, including Zumba, Boot Camp, RIPPED, Yoga/Pilates, and Body Sculpt Weightlifting. You can have a 24 Hour Access Membership and all fitness classes INCLUDED FREE for only $24.95 a month. Most gyms charge extra for fitness classes, we don’t! And wait ‘till you try Zumba!

Stop by and we will give you a tour. We have everything the big gyms have, except the intimidation factor. Leave that to the big gyms, we say! We are in your neighborhood, and all your friends come here. Personal training, nutrition advice, and even Medifast diet products are available here! Don’t forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK for all the latest and greatest deals and updates.

Bellevue Nebraska Fitness Fast Gym

A 24 hour gym located at the corner of 25th and Capehart in Bellevue