The Importance of REST

It’s pretty important to stay on your regimen once you get serious about your workout routine.  But…there are times when we can push ourselves too much, and our bodies tell us that we need rest.  The hard part of this is that once we get motivated, we feel very guilty about taking any kind of rest.  The problem is…rest is crucial if you have an overuse injury.

Signs of overuse:  an overuse injury feels like a deep ache, and can be intermittent or constant.  Sometimes the injury isn’t apparent unless you move a certain way and then you are reminded of the injury.  Overuse can occur if we push ourselves too much or if we repeat the same exercise too often with too much force.

Some good examples of overuse injuries would be pulled quads and hamstrings from running, or perhaps a more common injury of a shoulder from lifting too many weight reps too many times.

If you get an overuse injury, do not feel bad about taking a break.  If you are on a weight loss plan, cut back your calories to make sure you account for the time off.  Do not push the affected area until the pain is gone, then ease back in to the exercises involving that particular body part slowly.  Listen to your body!

Overuse injuries happen when we do too much of the same thing with too much force.  A good way to combat this is by mixing up your routine.  Try different weight exercises, different cardio exercises, or try out the group fitness classes and make sure you do a variety.

To Your Health,





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