Keep the flu at bay naturally!

It’s flu season….and it’s spreading like wildfire this year! Here are some simple things you can do to boost your immune system and fight the flu naturally:

1. Blueberry strawberry smoothies…simple! Blend frozen blueberries and strawberries with water. It’s a natural and healthy way to get the valuable phytonutrients in these wonderful fruits. In addition, the pigment in the foods makes your complexion look more radiant.

2. Green juice…powerful! If you are lucky enough to have a juicer….try this…it tastes good! 8 kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 1 celery rib, and 4 apples. Juice the veggies first, then the apples. Enjoy! Kale is the most nutrient dense of all of the vegetables and juicing it gives you a powerful boost! You will pretty much feel like Superman.

3. Cod liver oil. Many of you have heard me talk about this one before. Flu season happens in the winter months because we have depleted our stores of Vitamin D that we accumulated with the Sunny summer months. Cod liver oil is a good whole food source of vitamin D, as well as EPA and DHA fatty acids which your body needs. So, you can help avoid the flu. If you already have the flu, cod liver oil will shorten its duration and give yon some instant relief. I take a 1/2 shot glass full daily when flu season strikes. Haha, these are the only shots I do….what a party animal, eh?

A lot of talk is on the news right now about washing your hands….(important)…and getting your vaccine (many mixed opinions here), but in my opinion not nearly enough attention gets paid to eating well and good nutrition. You really are what you eat! Think about this….our bodies use the food we eat as fuel to create all of our new cells. For instance, our red blood cells completely replace themselves every 4-8 weeks! What is your blood being made out of? Green veggies or fruit loops? Something to think about! 🙂

To your health,


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