Success Story: Robbin Alex

I met Robbin at the beginning of April. Robbin was determined to make a difference in her health and her life. She had gone to Weight Watchers for awhile, saw success, and then hit a plateau which is common on many weight loss journeys. Robbin knew she needed to make a change, and her first step was joining FitnessFAST and hiring Tracie to personal train and also to work on her diet.

Robbin is determined! If you try and tell her she can’t do something, she will prove you wrong! And…she applies this in all of her workouts. To date…and she is still on her journey….Robbin has lost THREE inches off of her waist …pure body fat! Her physique is looking trim and toned, and she fits into her “too small” jeans!

Robbin is also among our amazing clients who can plank for a crazy amount of time! Her record is 5:33. That’s a LONG time! 🙂

Robbin is currently working on a low plank [on her elbows] and is at 5 minutes!  Amazing!!

Below are some pictures from Robbins incredible transformation so far. She proves that with a can-do attitude, we can all make real improvements to our life and health, no matter where you are starting in your journey.

Robbin planks 5:33 video 🙂

Robbin Before, During, and NOW.  Check out those shoulders!!!!

Robbin1 Robbin2 Robbin3


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