Beth is a bright, sunny, awesome person whom we met recently as she started her journey toward weight loss. After having three kids and enduring some health issues, Beth is an inspiration! Here is Beth’s story:

“I turned 30 this year and after a few rough years of health (three pregnancies including one miscarriage, gall bladder surgery, and back surgery last summer) the weight from being inactive plus medications added 30 pounds to my frame. I was unhealthy and out of shape. A friend of mine wanted me to come to a Zumba class so I went to one and I was hooked. Starting January 1st of this year at 178 pounds, I began my weight loss journey doing Zumba and eventually Couch to 5K.”

“I finished my very first 5K in April and will be doing another two before the summer is over. Last Saturday, May 18th, I weighed in at 163 pounds. I am halfway to my goal and glad to have my health back. I’m setting an example for my three girls. The bonus energy is amazing! I am in control of my own life. So glad my friend talked me into going to the gym!!”

Here are Beth’s before and afters….she looks GREAT! Way to go Beth!!! :). As of our latest update, Beth is down 30 lbs and is getting ready to run her THIRD half marathon!

Beth1 Beth2


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