Every day we see clients that have overcome obstacles in their lives with fitness, and we see true grit and determination.  Jen Nevitt is just that person, she is a great example of what you can achieve with hard work.

We met Jen in 2010, before she was due to take her Air Force PT tests.  Jen was motivated to get a great score, and with the Air Force, your job security depends on your level of physical fitness.  Jen started out with some personal training to build upper body strength so that she could master push ups, something that she struggled with in the past.

Jen worked very hard, doing one pushup, then two, then three, and onward.  She continued to lift weights to build up her upper body strength and embraced our weightlifting [bodysculpt] classes and boot camp to help with her continued goals.  In August of 2010, when we met Jen, she had an unsatisfactory score on her PT test.  In December of that same year, she increased her score by 13% and got a satisfactory!   The next year, her score was the same, so she decided to strive for excellence by being consistent with her fitness goals.

In December of 2011, Jen received an EXCELLENT on her PT test!  And, in December of 2012, she increased her EXCELLENT score by 3%!

Jen is such a good example of how hard work pays off.  She looks amazing, feels great, and is committed to a lifetime of health and fitness.

Keep up the good work Jen!!!  🙂  You are a superhero!

From left to right:  Jen, Jill, and Steve



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