Strength and Endurance weeks…what’s it about?

No doubt if you’ve been in the gym recently you’ve seen some new information.  We are now trying out a new vibe, and we hope you like it.  When you see the RED banners, it means it’s Strength Week.  On Strength Week, you can strive to do three strength workouts and two cardio workouts.  These workouts can be whatever you want.  On Endurance Week, strive to do three cardio workouts and two strength workouts.  Basically, it’s just a way to keep us all switched up from week to week so that our workouts don’t get stale.  And, it’s nothing specific, so do whatever strength and endurance (cardio) workouts that you like for your level of fitness.

For instance, some people love to do the weight circuit, for their Strength workout, while others really like free weights or our Bodysculpt fitness class.  Boot Camp can also be considered a strength class, and so can Yoga.

For Endurance (cardio), some people really dig our Zumba or Bokwa classes, and some like to run or walk on the treadmills or use the ellipticals or AMT on the gym side.

Basically, it’s up to you…what you want to do is as individual as you are…we want to make sure you have a new focus and a great program…every week!  So, your reminders will be up on the wall…and you can refocus your energy for Strength or Endurance for that week.

Strength week mantra to take with you:  “I am strong”

Endurance week mantra to take with you:  “I will endure”

It’s up to you whether or not you want to participate in our new vibe…we hope that you like it and that it keeps your workouts fresh from week to week.  If you need some advice or are just getting started, see Steve during new member hours and he can answer all of your questions and get you started on the right path.

Diet recommendations:  During strength week, as a rule eat a bit more protein since your focus this week is on building lean muscle.  We also carry a fantastic vitamin energizer for Strength Week that will keep you at the top of your game.

During Endurance Week, try and cut down your carbohydrates, the sugar, breads, and potatoes.  Eat mostly lean meats and lots of beautiful vegetables.  We carry a very comprehensive multi vitamin and fat burner that work well during Endurance Week.

The most important thing…have fun and be consistent!  You are strong, you will endure, and you will reach your fitness goals!  See you in the gym  🙂


Tracie and Steve


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