FitnessFAST 24 Hour Gym in Bellevue, NE

WE ARE A 24 HOUR KEYCODE ACCESS GYM THAT ALSO HAS A WIDE SELECTION OF FITNESS CLASSES AVAILABLE. A friendly, approachable, non intimidating gym loved by beginners and experts and everyone in between. Our passion is fitness and health. Come and check us out and you’ll see why your membership should be at FitnessFAST. Achieve your goals with us!
25th and Capehart Road next to Americana Bistro. UNLIMITED ACCESS TO EQUIPMENT AND CLASSES INCLUDED IN YOUR GYM MEMBERSHIP! $24.95/month. It’s affordable and convenient. You can trust us to treat you right.For all the latest updates from FitnessFAST, We would love it if you joined our Facebook community.
WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED:* NUTRITIONISTS* PERSONAL TRAINERS* CARDIO FITNESS EQUIPMENT to rev up your workout routine.* FREE WEIGHTS to build lean muscle.* AWESOME WEIGHT CIRCUIT to build lean muscle easily, without having to learn new exercises.* ZUMBA FITNESS CLASSES that are fun for everyone at all fitness levels.* YOGA/PILATES to achieve health and flexibility.* BODYSCULPT to build muscle and burn fat, all in one class* BOOT CAMP morning wakeup to make you feel fantastic* INTENSIVE GROUP TRAINING pass your PT test!
When you walk into FitnessFAST, you will not only meet a friendly staff person, but an owner. Knowing that, you can be sure that we will treat you well. We really want your business! We love Bellevue, because we live here, too!

Certified Personal Trainers here



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