Your search for the perfect gym is over! FitnessFAST is a neighborhood gym that is designed with YOU in mind. From the homey atmosphere right down to the top notch equipment found in high end gyms and spas, FitnessFAST makes fitness comfortable, no matter if you are just starting out…or you happen to be a fitness enthusiast. Everyone is welcome….and everyone is respected. You fit in here.

We all know we need to add fitness into our daily routines. And, with us, it’s easy! We are right in your neighborhood, so there is no extra time commitment to getting a workout in. Drive in…workout….and DONE! If you are social, you will LOVE the classes. They are a nice compliment to our 24 Hour Access Gym…stocked with the best Precor equipment for your enjoyment.

The gift of fitness and health is the best gift you can give yourself. Sometimes you might wonder….how on earth will I squeeze it in? With us….you can come whenever you want….24/7! We are available every holiday….every night….every minute of every day! We want you to have the easiest, fastest, and best access to fitness that you can have in our neighborhood…and we deliver. Every day!

Since we are a neighborhood gym…we offer what all big gyms can’t…..that small community sense of welcome. We are a small, family-run business. We have hundreds….NOT thousands….of members. You are welcome here!

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New signup and tour hours are:


FRI By appointment only


SUN By appointment only


If these times don’t work with your schedule just give us a call at 402-905-2710.



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