Your search for the perfect gym is over! FitnessFAST is a neighborhood gym that is designed with YOU in mind. From the homey atmosphere right down to the top notch equipment found in high end gyms and spas, FitnessFAST makes fitness comfortable, no matter if you are just starting out…or you happen to be a fitness enthusiast. Everyone is welcome….and everyone is respected. You fit in here.

Danielle, below, loves our classes and these pictures show her progress of 50 pounds lost in just a few months doing our classes!


We all know we need to add fitness into our daily routines. And, with us, it’s easy! We are right in your neighborhood, so there is no extra time commitment to getting a workout in. Drive in…workout….and DONE! If you are social, you will LOVE the classes. They are a nice compliment to our 24 Hour Access Gym…stocked with the best Precor equipment for your enjoyment.

The gift of fitness and health is the best gift you can give yourself. Sometimes you might wonder….how on earth will I squeeze it in? With us….you can come whenever you want….24/7! We are available every holiday….every night….every minute of every day! We want you to have the easiest, fastest, and best access to fitness that you can have in our neighborhood…and we deliver. Every day!


CJ N. made a lifestyle out of coming to FitnessFAST, and the convenient 24 hour timeframe works around his busy schedule at work.

Because we are a 24 hour gym and our prices are affordable, FitnessFAST can be part of your lifestyle, long term.

Since we are a neighborhood gym…we offer what all big gyms can’t…..that small community sense of welcome. Are are a small, family-run business. We have hundreds….NOT thousands….of members. You are welcome here!

Currently the enrollments are still low…it’s only $29 to sign up. Since we are not sure how long that will last you should stop in and see us. You will be glad you did, you can trust us to treat you right.

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New signup and tour hours are:




28 thoughts on “Home

  1. Lisa

    I purchased the groupon & was wondering the 24.95 monthly does that include family, also is there a military discount. Thank you, lisa

  2. Amy Johnson

    I noticed you offer Zumba classes but do not say what times,
    I am interested in joining for these classes but cannot make
    the decision if I do not know when they are offered.
    Please let me know, thank you…

    1. fitnessfastgym Post author

      Hi there :). They are offered Monday through Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday at 830am. On the Right hand side of our website, there is a link for Class Schedule that shows all the classes. See ya soon I hope! Have a good week

  3. patrick

    Is there a contract I would have to sign? I am recovering from cancer and I need a gym I can go month by month to. No automatic withdrawls from my account and no contracts. I am not sure how my strength and stamina is and if I need to stop for some reason I don’t want to be penalized.

    1. fitnessfastgym Post author

      Hi Patrick, it was nice talking with you on the phone today. See you on Saturday! :) We talked about the month to month option that has no time obligation to it for $34.95 a month.

      See you soon,

  4. Yolanda Wilson Bell

    Looking fot an affordable gym and 25 q month is not bad.i am 5ryin G bto get in some seriuis shape.and I and quitting smoking and this os my treat tp myself.

  5. Deidre Snow

    How Much IS your RegistratiN Fee? so if I came in there for the first time how much can I expect to pay? total

  6. fitnessfastgym Post author

    Hi Morgan! We do not have on site daycare, but there is a place that will do drop ins on 28th and Capehart, just three blocks away. It’s in the strip with the cupcake shop and beauty salon.

    1. fitnessfastgym Post author

      Hi Abby…we have something better… :). It’s called an adaptive Motion trainer, and it will do stair climbing motion as well as elliptical motion….it kind of ‘has it all’. AMT’s are very popular, and for good reason. You will like it.

    1. fitnessfastgym Post author

      Hi there! We don’t have a sauna, what we have instead is the infrared body wrap, which concentrates heat energy on problem cellulite area to flush toxins out of fat cells. It’s very detoxifying. :). If you want more info, it’s in the ‘inch loss’ section of the website.

  7. Jonathan

    I know you mentioned that you have a military discount. If possible could you give me the pricing/terms now to save me a trip there? Thanks in advance!

  8. fitnessfastgym Post author

    Hi Rachel! Your son would have to be added on to your membership, but his age would be fine for using the cardio equipment. We can do a membership for you, the just add him on for $20 a month more. You can stop by before class and we can have you guys signed up and ready to roll in minutes, maybe come by that first time 15-20 minutes early or so.


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